Director Training

Are you a newly appointed director who wants to fast-track your knowledge of operating in that capacity more successfully? Perhaps you’ve been a director for a while now and are looking to enhance your current skills? We offer director training to build your confidence by equipping you with the fundamentals of how to fulfil your role competently. We offer our customised courses on-site or online, suitable for those with demanding work hours and who prefer self-paced learning.

What to Look for When Searching for Director Training

Besides the opportunity to learn the core principles of good governance, you should look out for the following offering from potential service providers:

  • The course facilitator should have a background in working with individuals and organisations and knowledge of the skills needed to build effective boards. Our training staff has over 30 years of experience in business development throughout various corporate sectors for whom they’ve offered executive coaching and mentoring. Our personnel are also qualified in human resource management, where they help develop teams by imparting the necessary leadership skills, building team dynamics, and improving team performance.
  • Ask for an outline of the course to see if it has a logical structure and if it will address any current challenges that you may be experiencing. The course content should also be easy to understand, so look for reviews from people who have previously attended their director training.
  • Director training can be very theoretical with little opportunity for practical application. Ask the potential training company how their course provides their participants with a workable understanding of the practical nature of directorships.

Maximise Your Business’s Potential With Our Director Course

Whether you’re an aspiring or existing director for non-profit, commercial or private enterprises, we offer customised training for the director with specific needs. This is what you can expect from our course:

  • Our training covers the fundamentals of corporate governance. We cover roles and responsibilities, processes and systems, and performance and compliance frameworks. We also address monitoring the board’s efficiency, which is essential in driving results-orientated performance.
  • The course also includes the skills necessary for becoming a competent director, one of which is strategising, where we fast track what generally takes years to achieve. By gaining insight into these skills, you’ll have a better understanding of what the expectations of a director are so that you can prepare for any eventuality, be confident, and capable.
  • We then go into the practicalities of how a board operates. We look at how to focus on critical issues andidentify and avoid risks to protect your assets and reputation.
  • Lastly, we consolidate all the information presented by establishing how to achieve long-term objectives through short-term results.

Our director training incorporates effective decision-making, financial and legal awareness, and all necessary knowledge for operating in a corporate environment.

We have numerous testimonials from clients who commend our director training for its informative and concise content and being a worthwhile experience. So, choose us to discover how to become a director, confident, competent and a valued member of your board.


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