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Are you a new or aspiring board director, do you fully understand your role, responsibilities, and obligations as a director in not-for-profit, commercial or private enterprise? 

Fast-track your knowledge and competence as a director and come out of the shadows.

The New Director Program at $299.00 will enable you to have a full understanding of your role and be a highly valued, skilled, and knowledgeable director in a few short weeks.

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Are you aware of the risks of being a director; to you, your family, or your reputation? Do you have the confidence to speak-up and add genuine value or are you holding back?

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Work at your own pace over our four modules each with three lessons (videos & comprehensive Workbook) & Fast Track your confidence & capability in the boardroom

What You Will Learn

1. Core Fundamentals of Governance: Roles & Responsibilities, Governance Processes & Systems, Performance & Compliance Frameworks. 

2. Skills, Selection & Re-balance: Key to a successful board, determining the skills needed to govern, and what can make you a great director.

3. How the board operates: Fundamentals of directorship, focusing on critical issues, and director assurance: avoiding the risks.

4. In the Boardroom:  Process and Strategy - getting the right balance; and the core principles of Good Governance in Action: your gateway to success.

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Be Confident

Knowing WHAT to do, HOW to do it and most importantly 'WHY' you're doing it - these are essential fundamentals as a director.

Be Credible

Be successful, speak-up and become a valued and competent director.

Protect Yourself

Recognise and avoid the risks; to you, your family and assets, and your reputation.

Call To Action

Fast-track your knowledge and expertise of good governance and get ready to become a credible and capable director.

Build your capability

Gain a full understanding and use the very structures and processes needed to deliver good governance. You will build on your practical skills and knowledge to a level that many directors take years to accumulate. Strengthen your ability to be a driving force within your board and organisation. 

Be credible, be confident and protect yourself. 

Create your success

Imagine, gaining knowledge and insights that normally take directors years to achieve. Now, you can fast-track your learning and become a credible and sought after director in a few short weeks.

In this cutting-edge program you will develop a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a director and gain the knowledge and expertise you need to hit the ground running.  With no assessments.

You're ready.

Be a credible trusted director ... start NOW!


Our governance training is delivered in group settings for boards, committees and management teams using both our online platform or a customised in house or team training experience.

Is your board or committee ready to expand its knowledge and understanding of governance in the not-for-profit or commercial environment. We can custom deliver our governance training to your entire board or group of directors to meet your specific needs.  In return your board will all understand their roles and obligations to become a high function board in a matter of weeks.

Have your board ready for any challenge, monitor and drive performance to achieve great results.

What we can do for you!

If your board, committee, or management team would benefit from group training in the fundamentals of governance or chairmanship - you can either email me: [email protected] or hit this button and call me direct.

What People Are Saying

David M.: "I found the course content to be comprehensive and informative. I think that the course is very helpful for both new Directors and as a refresher for current Directors".

Lucas J.: "Thank you - having Chris as our Non-Executive Independent Board Chair has focused our decision-making and brokered the tension to get us back on track. You have saved my business, my marriage, and changed my life in a matter of weeks".

Dale A.:  "Thanks for the program, it has been amazing value given the amount of information, expertise, and follow-up provided - I'd highly recommend it to anyone joining a board, committee or refreshing their knowledge". 

Shelly P.: "If only I'd done this training program a year ago - I wouldn't be in the mess I am now".

Todd A.: "I found the course very informative and definitely worthwhile. The format is perfect for our world of COVID lock downs and restricted gatherings".

Barbara F: "Good info for members of boards. Director Assurance - risk avoidance - good overview. Financial information good to review. What to look for etc."

Susan O: "Thanks Chris found your course very informative and easy to understand. Put into context a lot of what I already knew and some of what I didn't know but do now. Many thanks".

Ben G: "I found your course very beneficial and practical for the role as a director, I'm glad I enrolled and completed it. Thank you for the insight, I enjoyed the course".

Judith G: "Completed the program, found it very informative and of great benefit for moving forward into the future. Thank you".

Steven Ford - GM Not-for-Profit Pioneer Valley Water: "Turner Scott Consulting Pty Ltd offers governance training for CEOs, Directors and Executives to quickly understand the risks and responsibilities of being a Director, in a concise and easy-to-understand, self-paced program.

As a small non-profit co-operative, our Board is comprised of successful business people with hands-on knowledge and understanding of our core business, legal and or accounting credentials.

Chris Scott is an invaluable source of knowledge, processes and inspiration to successfully and professionally understand and appreciate the risks and responsibilities of being a Director.

Governance Training for New and Aspiring Directors is beneficial to experienced and new directors and I recommend Chris Scott to all CEOs and Boards as an invaluable and necessary part of your board orientation and refresher processes.

Others NFPs:

"Enlightening - certainly arms a new director with lots of useful insights and information".

"I'm enjoying these tutorials, very informative and concise".

"Helpful information … Good advice and information". 

"The presentation of your course is exceptional".

"Turner Scott Consulting Pty Ltd offers governance training for CEOs, Directors and Executives to quickly understand the risks and responsibilities of being a Director, in a concise and easy-to-understand, self-paced program".


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