Processful or Purposeful…which are you?

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

I recently went overseas to a country that I knew would test me…so why go you ask?  A long story involving a friend’s wedding. Enough said.  I enjoyed what the country had to offer in tourist attractions and experiences, however what I noticed was a growing economy striving to adopt as much western culture as possible.  The more curious I got the more I started to see that people were busy doing what they thought was being efficient, however they were failing to be effective.  As individuals, and in groups, they focused on the process rather than the purpose.  I was intrigued at how busy some people could be, yet they still didn’t get things done. Working long hours, on multiple task, tight deadlines and with little appreciation for the personal sacrifice being made.  Sound familiar?

On the long flight home, I thought more about the experience and especially why their leadership had not recognised what was happening.  Surely the results they were getting or lack of, were indicators of failed effectiveness.  Here I thought were living examples that investing in being efficient does not automatically mean you’re getting results.

So why were these leaders and teams not connecting to their purpose? The answer was simple; what you focus on is what you get. They were more interested in getting the ‘process’ right than questioning ‘why’ they were there in the first place.

How many people in struggling economies and indeed the world are running around keeping incredibly busy; focusing on what they are doing, the process; and not why they do what they do?  Doing things right, is of no value if you’re not doing the right thing.

Leadership is more than just getting compliance right. Leaders need to have a vision, clear direction and a capacity to inspire and influence others to achieve it.  They need to know why they are doing what they are doing.

If you are on the corporate treadmill, running in circles to achieve efficiencies, doing things right - then you may need to stop, step off and be honest with yourself. Ask yourself, am I being effective or just being efficient.  How effective am I as a leader in achieving the successes that I strive for, am I truly making a difference or am I just keeping other people happy?  

What you choose to focus on as a leader can either leave you exhausted on the corporate treadmill, going around in circles; or one of connectedness with your purpose and desired outcomes clearly the focus of your efforts. Leading from a place of clarity and purpose. This is what inspires and engages those you lead, to keep busy and productive doing the right things, getting real results.

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